White Trash Truffles

These truffles are not seasonal. Or low fat. Or really truffles for that matter (details, details…). But there are those times when you are just craving something bad for you. Well this is it. I am rarely even invited to a party these days without the hostess saying you must bring those oreo-chocolate things. Don’t get me wrong, there have been skeptics—like the snobby guy who inspired the name. Cream cheese and oreos, he said? How white trash! (And then proceeded to eat three). Now, I’m all for pairing fine ingredients, but I prefer follow my taste buds rather than the food snobs. And sometimes they just lead me to these.

White Trash Truffles
apx 30 truffles

1 20-oz package oreo cookies (reduced-fat, just to make myself feel better when I eat 6 truffles in a row…)
2 8-oz bricks cream cheese
16-oz Dolci Frutta Hard Chocolate Shell for Fruit (found in the produce section), or your favorite dipping chocolate

Remove cream cheese from fridge and let sit at room temperature for 20 minutes, to soften. In a food processor, pulse oreo cookies until they are in small pieces, but not too powdery. Transfer to a large mixing bowl. Add cream cheese and mash together until well blended. Roll oreo-cream cheese mixture into 1” balls and place on a wax-paper-lined baking sheet. Melt chocolate and dip each ball into the chocolate, turning until well coated. Return to wax paper. Repeat until all balls are coated with chocolate. Refrigerate truffles for 30 minutes to set chocolate.


Anonymous said...

I love these! What a great idea to use oreo and cream cheese. So simple and delicious too. It sure beats my 8 hours of making danishes lol.

You have a lovely blog and thank you for visiting mine!

Lu* said...

I tried them on fother's day, my family just adore the truffles!!!
Thank you for the recipie