Harvard Farmers' Market

10.01.09 Fall Basmati Rice Salad

09.24.09 Spanish Tortilla with Kale

09.17.09 Apple, Cheddar & Thyme Galette

09.10.09 Roasted Eggplant Panini

09.03.09 Corn, Edamame & Black Bean Salad

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jeanne@holeinthefence.net said...

OMG where have you been all my life. This is such an exciting and fun place. Last night I went to our local Farmers market in San Luis Obispo, CA and got some dandelion greens. I wasn't exactly sure what to do with them. I also got some other greens, don' t know the name but was told they were Italian and blood cleansers also, that I was suppose to cook with some beans. I googled bitter greens and your site came up. Right there was the beans and greens combo that I needed. It sounded and looked so good I had to click on every picture and read every recipe on the side. This is just too much fun. I RSS'd you and I am going to twitter you also. Thanks for a great great site. I am a lifer now. Thanks again. Jeanne