Dark Chocolate & Cherry Zucchini Bread

I’m suckered into buying baby clothes just as much as the next gal. I just adore the tiny shoes and mini ruffled dresses. But I’ve been told by quite a few friends that their newborns have more than their share of clothes. And since I am admittedly clueless about any “practical” gifts, I have decided to offer what I know best. Food! So when my friend Kelly gave birth to her second adorable boy, I promised to visit bearing gifts of the edible variety (plus I’m not sure how Ryder would look in a ruffled dress). While edible gifts are always welcome, edible gifts containing chocolate definitely have the edge.

So Dark Chocolate & Cherry Zucchini Bread was born out of my enormous stash of zucchini and overwhelming desire to make sure the new mom was getting enough chocolate. It’s a post-delivery requisite, no? And while I have had my struggles with zucchini this past month, the fabulous thing about this recipe is that my inability to remove water from zucchini yields a perfectly moist bread.

Dark Chocolate & Cherry Zucchini Bread
makes two 1-lb loaves

3 c all-purpose flour
1 1/4 c sugar
1 t baking soda
1/2 t baking powder
3 t cinnamon
1/2 t nutmeg
1/4 t allspice
1 t salt
2 t vanilla extract
1 c vegetable oil
3 eggs, beaten
3 c grated zucchini
3-4 oz dark chocolate, shaved into chunks
1 c chopped pitted cherries

Preheat oven to 350F. In a large bowl, combine flour sugar, baking soda, baking powder, cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice and salt. Stir together and add vanilla, vegetable oil and eggs. Mix well. Stir in zucchini, and mix until well combined. Carefully fold in chocolate and cherries until dispersed throughout batter. Pour into two 1-lb loaf pans, dispersing evenly. Bake 60-75 minutes, until a toothpick inserted into the center comes out clean.


Pretty Neat Designs said...

This looks so amazing, I just issued an order to my husband that he has to make this before his vacation ends. I might consider having kids if it meant someone would show up with food. Just kidding.

melinda said...

okay this looks fabulous. such great ingredients, as usual.

oh, we tried the zucchini cakes tonight and they were delicious. loved how spicy they were.

Zoe Tattersall said...

Erin, this looks delicious! I can't wait to try this recipe out...I'm away this weekend but will have to get some zucchini from the markets the following week :)
I love having recipes to look forward too!!

Amanda Nicole said...

Ah, finally zucchini's water problem has a purpose! This looks wonderful and gourmet.

Dana said...

Trust me, what you have done for your friend is the greatest gift you can give. Food - and especially chocolate - is what you need when a new life comes along.

Michelle @ Find Your Balance said...

That sounds absolutely stunning. What a gift!!

Kaitlyn said...

Cherries and dark chocolate are such a clever way to make zucchini bread even more special, I'll definitely have to try this!

alisa said...

oooooooh wow this looks so incredibly good! I should really try this after my no sugar experiment!!!

Anonymous said...

This bread was DELICIOUS!!! thank you Erin. Too bad I ate the whole thing before anyone else got a bite..haha! You are the best!

Jenna said...

Oh, this looks amazing! That dark chocolate is calling my name. Not a big fan of cherries, though - what else would work? Would raspberries be too moist?

Sprouted Kitchen said...

dangerous! what great combinations

fresh365 said...

Hi Jenna- I think blueberries would be great. Raspberries too! Neither would be too moist. You could also just leave the fruit out and add a bit more chocolate- yum!

A Life More Fabulous said...

Oh my goodness - yum! This looks absolutely divine! Can't wait to try it!

City Chic said...

I saw this and knew I had to try it. Made it this afternoon and it's almost gone just a few hours later! Love it!